~He Walks Beside Me~
Even in my weak times
When I feel oh, so low
My Jesus walks beside me
Of this I surely know

For I can feel His presence
Traveling with me on my way
He will never leave nor forsake
As I walk along day by day

No matter my shortcomings
In this world in which I live
He never holds them against me
For if I ask, He will forgive

The main purpose God gave
For sending His Son to this earth
Was for mankind to receive life eternal
Through Jesus Christ and the New Birth
© Copyright 2006 Ethel GG Kent

~My Mother's Words~

As I walk down the path of remembrance
Of through the years in which I live
Words of encouragement, guidance, and love
My Mother did always sweetly give

It seems daily I can hear them
From within my mind and from my heart
Into my being they are embedded
I pray they will never from me depart

When upon me trials have arisen
A voice from within I will hear clearly
To gently lead me with my decisions
My Mother's words I cherish dearly

The only regret I have of her words
Is that to them I didn't always heed
To go my own way I at times endeavored
Bringing to myself more trouble indeed

For I know my Mother hears a higher power
Who whispers direction into her ear
Unlike myself who at times wouldn't listen
She has no problem from God to hear

How I thank you, my Lord, for my Mother
Whose amazing deeds seem to never end
With patience, understanding, unconditional love
She is not only my Mother, she's my dearest friend

© Copyright 2006 Ethel GG Kent

~A Hope, A Vision~
If hopes and dreams should ever be gone
We all would feel so all alone
Without a future vision to see
A miserable being we would be

For dreams and hopes are a life string
To hold onto them makes us happily sing
A song in heart sung gleefully
As day after day our vision we see

As long as we live upon this earth
Each day we awake can bring a new birth
For us to think upon positive things
Waiting hopefully for what future will bring

Trouble and woe in the world are around
Making us look straight down to the ground
Yet, in our mind's eye when we see what could be
We might realize great beauty more abundantly

~For dreams and hopes are a life string
To hold onto them makes us happily sing~
© Copyright 2006 Ethel GG Kent

~Calmness After The Storm~
Upon this road of life we trod
If rough storms we must go through
Let us keep our heads up high
And let not the darkness frighten you

If we will keep our eyes straight ahead
Letting not the darkness cloud our view
And will walk together hand in hand
We can help each other the storms go through

For on the other side of the storm clouds
There is a brilliant ray of light
If we watch carefully it will guide us
Shining upon our path so bright

The rage of the storms will then lessen
As calmness will gently come inside
The darkness will have turned into brightness
As peace comes within to abide
© Ethel GG Kent

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