~Jesus, My Saviour~

Jesus, my Saviour, so precious to me
Giving salvation to set me free
He came to earth to accomplish this feat
Giving Himself for the world to meet

Nailed to a tree upon a cross
Shedding His blood for mankind, lost
Offering His life so that we may live
The ultimate sacrifice God did give

God gave to us His only son
So that life eternal could be won
One day Jesus died upon the hill
Freely giving His life to be in God's will

Though He died that day for all our sin
So that eternal life you and I could win
After His burial He arose and lives
Today with His mercy, salvation still gives

© Ethel GG Kent

For He is born
Jesus Christ, our Saviour
The King of Kings and Lord Of Lords
Heavenly Father has given to us
The most precious gift of all time
We celebrate His birth
With loud voices
© Ethel GG Kent

The Son of God
Whose Mother was Mary
Came to live on Earth as a man
Then was crucified on a rugged cross
He died freely for all mankind
Then arose from the dead
And now HE LIVES
© Ethel GG Kent

~He Is With Us All~
Jesus our Saviour, most precious to be
Bringing salvation to you and to me
Beyond any compare, He is a friend
To guide us and help us, there is no end

Being victorious o'er trials of this earth
Protecting with angels, beginning at birth
His Spirit is felt as we walk about
Making us want to His praises shout

He loves us and to us gives His sweet care
His presence we feel about us everywhere
When too much to carry, the cross we bear weighs
In His arms He carries us through those days

Or if we feel pain, much sorrow or woe
He walks there beside us to let us know
That He is right by us through day and in night
Making darkness to change into a bright light

Beyond compare, He will be our friend
With His love immeasurable lasting 'til our end
He prepared a home in Heaven, above in the sky
Twill be peace forevermore in the sweet by and by
© Ethel GG Kent

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