~The Gift~
By Alyssa Blackburn
To the drunk sitting drinking the booze,
You don't have to sit alone in fear,
You can have much better than you choose,
Listen draw near,
To the girl cutting her self again,
Put away the knife,
We all have sin,
But we don't have to harm our life,
I have been there before,
With the booze in one hand,
My heart so sore,
Till I changed my life took a stand,
I used to cut away my pain,
To drown in my blood,
Let it pour down like rain,
Till I could no longer take the flood,
My friend told me that God still loved me,
Wow how could I have slipped so far away,
We all slip up you see,
Its him our god who can change us every day,
He already took care of it all,
His son died on the cross for you and me,
So that we did not have to take the fall,
So pain would no longer be,
So put down that booze,
Come on drop that knife,
What have you got to loose,
A life with out so much strife,
Just ask to be forgiven,
Ask Jesus to come in to your heart,
Then my friend start a livin;
For you my friend have been given a fresh start,
It has all been wiped away,
The past does not matter anymore,
For on that day,
Your sins were washed and lost at shore,
Don't forget my friend,
That you may slip up again,
But this time god is with you to the end,
Just let him move in you and cleanse you of sin,
Follow him the rest of your days,
For your spirit he will lift,
If you trust in him all the way,
He will bless you gift by gift.
by Alyssa Blackburn


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