By Barbara Williams
It's morning time on the mountain.
Gods beauty shines just right.
The dew is caressing the grass.
The birds are singing ever so bright.
The deer are scampering in play.
The cattle are grazing in ease.
See the possom feed her babies there.
The young calves are seeming to tease.
Look at the humming birds fluttering their wings.
Will they ever stop and rest from this work?
It seems they are busy working all day.
Their flight is smooth it has no jerks.
Can you see the rabbits jumping around.
They seem to be so very happy here.
Wait they have stopped eating and are standing still.
What is it that everyone is listening to without fear?
Why, it's God talking to each one of them.
He is saying good morning in His special way.
He's telling them how much He loves them.
And how He'll be watching over them today.
Yes, morning time on Gods mountain,
Is always a very special time for me.
I know God is here on His beautiful mountain.
And I know He loves and is protecting me.
© Barbara Williams


~A New Year Is Here Again~
By Ethel
It is that time of year again
When a new year rolls around
It can be a time of new beginnings
When comforting thoughts can be found
A time we can be starting over
Of clearing out our minds
That may have gotten cluttered
With troubles of different kinds
The Bible tells us clearly
Upon which we should think
If there be any virtue or any praise
We should think upon these things
Within ourselves we cannot keep
Our minds from things which distract
Yet, through Christ we can do all things
And have a joyful and cheerful heart to react
Yes, our Bibles tell us so clearly
To think upon the pure and the good
For there to be virtue and praise
To try to keep in our minds what we should
If we will think of our home up in Heaven
Of all the wonders and blessings to be
Our hearts will be filled to overflowing
With all the happiness and joy we will see
© Ethel GG Kent


Graphic © EthelsCreations

Isaiah 9:6 “For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given:
and the government shall be upon HIS shoulder: and HIS name

Luke 2:51b ”…but HIS mother kept all these sayings in her heart.”

Mary’s Heart
By Linda C. Smith~12/03

From the moment of the first angelic word…
Mary kept and pondered in her heart all she heard.
Who shaped the humble character of one so young
To receive the promise of GOD’s beloved SON,

And be willing to bear the gossip and the scorn…
Of those around her, six months before HE was born?
What was in her heart when HE was just a lad…
When reminded, gently…Joseph’s not HIS dad?

I wonder if when HE caused sibling strife to cease…
Did her mother-heart swell with loving pride that day
When HE made the sweet wine that “took their breath away”?

Was she there when THE FATHER sent THE SPIRIT dove?
Did she sense HIS presence and rejoice in HIS love?
Did she follow closely and marvel at HIS fame,
When folks from far and near began to speak HIS name?

What were her thoughts when suddenly HE was taken?
Did HIS trial and crucifixion leave her shaken?
Who taught her such love to impart a faith so strong…
To sustain from HIS birth and whole earthly life long?

Did her heart leap with joy at the words, “HE’s not here…
HE’s risen!”…all HE said before HE died, now clear!
And when HE arose back to HEAVEN from her sight…
The heart of Mary amazed, in awe of HIS might

From the moment of the first angelic word…
Mary kept and pondered in her heart all she heard.

May we like Mary reflect on all HE has done
As we wish “A Blessed CHRISTmas” to everyone!

© Linda C. Smith


This is a poem written by Sister Barbara Williams.
There is a wonderful story behind the poem. I feel it will
touch your heart if you will go there to read about it.
It is on Sis. Barbara's web site located here.........

Graphic © EthelsCreations

~My Yellow Rose~
I have created a rose in my garden.
A rose of yellow so bright with love.
A rose that started out as a small bud.
That I will put in my bouquet above.
This yellow rose had to be watered,
And nourished each and every day.
The weeds had to be plucked from around.
So that my yellow rose would not decay.
As each thing of the world tried
To destroy my yellow rose so fair.
I would caress it much closer to me.
And make sure all would handle with care.
For you see I had special things
For this yellow rose to do for me.
There were other roses who needed help
Before in my heavenly bouquet they could be.
The yellow rose would touch many roses
While I let it grow and bloom on earth.
But I have never left it's side at all.
I've been there since it's very birth.
Now it's time for the yellow rose to be
Picked for my very special flower bouquet.
But all the other flowers it has touched
Will have the same choice to be with me some day.
Written by: Barbara Williams
© Barbara Williams

Webshots Photo

(Week 7.)
~A Country Walk On An Autumn Day~
The peaceful feeling of a country walk
as we stroll hand in hand along the road
With colors of Autumn all around us
the leaves of orange, reds, browns, and gold

The sounds of nature softly we hear
as birds their song gleefully sing
The crickets and frogs and a rustle of leaves
or the sound of a butterfly wing

Every now and then along our walk
we see a glimpse of a deer
Or a little rabbit scurrying along
or a squirrel in a tree we hear

These walks through nature we love to take
with trees along the road on each side
Help us to clear our head from rush of life
as we slow down from our day to day ride

Oh, the peaceful feeling of a country walk
as we stroll hand in hand along the road
With colors of Autumn all around us
the leaves of orange, reds, browns, and gold
© Ethel GG Kent


(Week 8.)
~The One, Jesus~

When the world seems to be crashing in,
and it seems you have nowhere to turn,
Turn your eyes upon the one within.

When your eyes are filled with so many tears,
and you feel like you just can't go on,
Turn your eyes upon the one who cares.

When you feel that you are all alone
and nobody even seems to love,
Turn your eyes upon the one on the throne.

When you seem to have lost control of your life,
and it feels that all your hope is gone,
Turn your eyes upon the one, ultimate sacrifice.

Jesus knows your pains and tears,
Jesus knows your thoughts and fears,
Turn your eyes upon Him and see,
From all your burdens, you will be free.

© Becky O'Reilly


(Week 9.)
~Who I Am In Christ~

Who I am in Christ is who He is making of me.
Who I am in Christ is all I want to be.
I am chosen...I am wanted by Him.
I am bought with a price...He paid the debt for all my sin.
I am saved by grace...His love is beyond measure.
I am a joint heir with Jesus Heaven is a beautiful treasure.
I am a friend of God...His time is invaluable.
I am complete in Christ...I know with Him I am able.
I am free from condemnation. ..My sins are gone.
I am confident that God will complete the good work He started in me...His job is not yet done.

© Becky O'Reilly


Photo © Ethel GG Kent

~I Look Towards The Sky~
By Jean

I look towards the sky
and marvel at the clarity of blue,
and in green fields
I see a peaceful verdant hue,
which cheers the heart,
calming the spirit too.

I lift my eyes to mountains,
tall and grand,
where purple peaks crowned white
so proudly stand,
above a landscape,
designed by God's own hand.

I watch the billowing waves at sea,
roll nearer to
the golden waiting shore,
and wonder at the glories
of the Earth,
which with pleasure
cause my happy heart to soar.

Today I lift my heart to sing,
thanking God for
beauty which surrounds
and all the generous gifts
which here abound,
I welcome with gratitude profound.

© Jean Lewis

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