(Week 1.)

Cornish born and Cornish bred
I walk the land my forefathers tread.
My ancestors have long since died
But they'll never bid this land good~bye.
You can feel them all around you
Both on land and by the sea.
For Cornwall holds such mystery
And no~one holds the key.
I see visions of ancient Cornwall
Of how it used to be.
Fishermen out fishing
Wives waiting by the quay.
Ole tin mines are no longer used
The men have long since gone.
But the land still holds their memories
And the wind still plays their tune .....

© Debi Dallimore


(Week 2.)
~Over Coffee~

It was a bright day,
the sun shone,
over coffee we discussed
who we would marry,
when the time came.
Your choice would be someone
who didn’t like kissing,
you couldn’t bear the thought
of wet rubbery lips touching yours.
You wanted babies
but didn’t much like the way of
achieving that.
Maybe you would adopt.

I would marry a tall man
with an accent – any accent
it didn’t really matter where he
came from but France would be best.
He would be tall
and could be dark or blonde.
I would admire his broad shoulders
and narrow hips –
he would very definitely look male.
He would love children
and we would have four sons.

What of reality?
You married late
and I never knew if you
changed your mind about kissing.
I suspect you did
for soon after your husband
became a bright night star,
you joined him to enliven
the Heavens.
I look up and wonder which is you
my best childhood friend.

I did not marry a man with an accent,
quite the opposite in fact,
a quiet man of average height,
yet definitely knowing his own mind,
and for him two sons were enough,
much loved but in a troubled world,
two would suffice.
I am grateful for the two bright sons,
and the fine bonus of four grandsons.

Our dreams did not come true,
yet God was kind
providing something better.
Shine brightly my friend,
keep a place for me
in the night sky.

© Jean Lewis


(Week 3.)
~Whispers From The Heart~
As we write our heart to you, please handle it with care
With feelings coming out, sometimes so hard to bear
You may not understand, what we have to say
If you will but listen, we will talk to you today

At times we write of joy, when it is overflowing
Coming from inside, with our faces all glowing
Then there are the times, we feel our hearts will break
At those times we pray, you show compassion for our sake

Sometimes past experiences, about we love to tell
Our memories in our hearts, the ones we love so well
Then there are those times, we hear loves whisper in the night
So we feel inspiration from, the moon and stars to write

Most of us have found of, our Darlings to write, we love
Telling you of the one, God has sent from up above
Many loving experiences of, which we attempt to tell
When coming from our hearts, you feel the love as well

Some write with expertise, others just made a start
All poetry is enjoyed, when written from the heart
So when we read poetry, let us try to look inside
We are seeing someone's heart, where deep feelings reside
© Ethel GG Kent


(Week 4.)
John Chapter 5 verses 8-9

Pick Up Your Mat

Timidly, stretching out my hand
desperate for Him to acknowledge
my trembling voice almost silent
request “ Lord Heal Me”

He glances knowing my ache
inner frustration, despair
“I will not deny you
I will heal you”

Today, My Lord
today, take my burden from me.
“Less haste, my child
I will heal you”

Lord I have heard
how you heal others
“Less haste, my child
I will heal you”

“I will heal you daily
listen to my voice
in those I choose to send
to guide you”

Today, My Lord
today, take my burden from me.
“Less haste, my child
I will heal you”

“I will heal you, my child,
alongside you
pick up your cross
and walk”

Today, My Lord
today, take my burden from me.
“Less haste, my child
I will heal you”

© Sue Holt 2007


(Week 5.)
~My Friend~
You, my friend, shine
like a twinkling star,
brightening my dark days.
Ever present,
even when not seen,
the knowledge of
your constancy,
lights my spirit,
making the unbearable,
I lift my eyes
to the night sky,
and give thanks
to the Creator,
for His numerous gifts,
but for the treasure
of friendship,
I can never be thankful enough.
© Jean Lewis


(Week 6.)
~Two Roses In God's Garden~

I entered into the garden,
the garden of Gods prayer.
I entered into His garden,
and I met my Jesus there.

I saw in His garden,
roses with beauty so bright.
I felt at peace in His garden
I knew all was just right.

I saw in the middle of His garden
a rose that shined with love.
It shined with the silkiness of His glory
I knew it was my Jesus above.

I saw a Dove in the garden
it was circling over His head.
It was telling me not to fear,
because my Jesus was not dead.

I saw next to the red rose in His garden,
a yellow rose standing by His side.
I could feel Him reaching for me,
telling me from His love I need not hide.

I could see the roses become as one
as I watched them come together in tears
. Because He was trying to let me know
it was He who walked with me these years.

I did not want to leave Gods garden
but He said back to this world I must go.
He said that He would never leave me
that this is something I should remember and know.

So I'm here in this world as a person
God put here for the entire world to know.
That Jesus loves each one of us God created
and He wants to walk with us where ever we go.

Written by Barbara J. Williams -l981
© Barbara J. Williams

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