~We Celebrate Birth Of Jesus~
By Ethel GG Kent
On this date we celebrate
Of a blessed event taking place.
Which was the time a baby boy
Let the world look upon His face.
He came long ago in Bethlehem
On a night so cold and bleak.
He was the Holy Christ-child
God sent for the world to seek.
He came among us humbly
In a stable behind the inn.
For inside was no room for Him
It was full of the women and men.
His blessed Mother gave birth to Him
Among all the animals there.
All of which was in God's plan
For One to come to earth, so fair.
Coming to live among men
To be the greatest gift of all.
To always lend a helping hand
He lifts up those who fall.
He will always live forever
This gift to mankind, God gave.
Jesus, Immanuel, The Prince Of Peace
Sent to all to heal and to save.
~Happy Birthday, Jesus~
© Ethel GG Kent

~The Heart of Joseph~
By Linda C. Smith
His heart was pained, not wanting to think the worst of her,
He was a just man, not willing to make her suffer.
What was this news that she was found to be with child, now?
How could this be? Could it be a cruel mistake, somehow?
He was simply a laborer, carpentry, his trade.
Likely barely able to get by with what he made.
Yet GOD knew he would be a good husband for Mary
To bear a load too great for her alone to carry.
His heart was tender to the voice of GOD in a dream,
Saying, ďFear not to take MaryÖĒ hard as it may seem.
He didnít waste one moment thinking any longer,
But did as he was bidden; his faith was made stronger.
His heart was very patient, laboring day by day.
He had a new wife, yet he didnít know her that way~
His heart was concerned about the long rough traveling,
And the crowded town where everyone was registering.
His heart was steadfast during the hours of her travail.
When at last the birth over, she lay weary and pale,
Fulfilling GODís word of THE SON born of a virgin.
His heart was amazed as he ushered the shepherds in.
Iím sure the heart of Joseph was never quite the same~
Thinking of the miracle of how the Saviour came!
This CHRISTmas may thoughts of that miracle bring you joy
As the heart of Joseph thrilled to see GODís little boy!
© Linda C. Smith

~A Happy Christmas~
By Jean Lewis
Do you see Him in the cradle,
where the ox and straw have lain,
the Babe worshipped by angels,
in human form once came.
Miracle most holy,
that God himself had planned,
his Son, Jesus Christ the Lord,
would be born and become man.
Let us give thanks and worship,
Lord Jesus our Saviour,
at Christmas time and every day
throughout the coming year.
© J.M. Lewis December 2004

Little Drummer Boy
From Laura's Midi Heaven