"And she brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped
HIM in swaddling clothes and laid HIM in a manger;"

~The Eyes of GOD~
By: Linda C. Smith
Mary was filled with wonder when she heard the angel's voice.
She quivered with anticipation that she was GOD's choice.
The gentle virgin went to share the reason for her joy,
As the SPIRIT was at work preparing her cousin's boy.
The forerunner of THE LORD leaped with glee at her greeting,
For THE FATHER organized the timing of this meeting,
I see HIM smiling at the glow on each face as they chat~
Sharing their news and exchanging what this one thought of that.
The months passed, Mary fortified with wisdom, peace, and grace,
Returned to her home, her friends, and husband-to-be to face.
It mattered not what the town folk thought, for Joseph was true.
He trusted and obeyed~as a dream told him what to do.
The time passed quickly, then the order from Augustus came.
To travel such a distance over rough ground was a shame,
When so close to her time, Caesar had not a thought or care,
But GOD led them quite safely to a humble stable there.
At last "THE GIFT", WHO was given to die for all, was born.
Imagine them in the glory of that first CHRISTmas morn,
See them gazing tenderly into HIS all-knowing eyes~
The eyes of GOD , now watching as they wrapped their perfect prize!
Linda C. Smith

~Merry Christmas, Everyone~
By Ethel GG Kent
Merry Christmas, my friends, one and all
I wish to everyone again this year.
Though, some don't want to hear it
I speak the words loud and clear!
For the word "Christmas" has the name
Of the One who is the reason we celebrate.
"Christ" is why Christmas even exist
The One we celebrate on this very date.
Some people think they will upset
Or will offend by speaking the Word.
They want us to say only "Happy Holidays"
Or "Season's Greetings" they want to be heard.
Some communities have even proclaimed
That putting up a Nativity Scene is wrong!
For it is a likeness of Jesus being displayed
Proudly upon the residents lawn.
Alll of this hurts me deeply in my heart
I know it must make our Jesus cry?
And if one will only look closely
Could probably see a tear fall from His eye.
So in this glorious Christmas season
Let's celebrate in pride, never in shame.
Proclaiming "Christ" in Merry Christmas
Please join me in celebrating, in Jesus name!
Copyright Ethel GG Kent

I was thinking of my mother enjoying
CHRISTmas in Heaven this year not just one day out of
the year, but every day, for all eternity!

~CHRISTmas In Heaven~
By Linda C. Smith
It seems so early the garlands and ornaments appear.
I see them often in stores long before the frost is here.
I used to let it bother me at how the jokes abound.
As CHRISTmas trees and lights compete with costumes all around.
Merchants rival each other for more profit to entice,
Such little thought left for that worth the price?
On the other hand, they would do far better to give more space.
To honor the SAVIOR of the world and GOD's amazing grace.
Then one silent night, I thought, "how is CHRISTmas spent in Heav'n?"
Are there shining trees, Mary, Joseph, shepherds, and wise men?
Are the angels singing "Glory To God In The Highest"?
And do merry gentlemen enjoy that haven of rest?
Have the faithful come to adore HIM and kneel at HIS throne?
I'm thinking this is Heaven's norm, not just one day alone!
Not just the trees, but everything is brightly beaming there,
And a few more loved ones taken "home", now real splendor share!
May the silver bells soon ringing upon a midnight clear
Remind you of that holy night, GOD sent HIS SON so dear!
As you blend your voice in "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing"
May your heart be filled with joy as you worship THE KING!
Linda C. Smith

~I Am A Seeker You Are The Keeper ~
By Bishop Barbara J. Williams
Jesus we are celebrating your wonderful birthday today!
The day that God sent you here just for sinners like me!
You were born in a stable with only the animals there!
You were born this way because God said it would be!
Yes Lord I am a seeker of all that you have to teach me!
You are the keeper of all who walk in your pathway Lord!
We the seekers of your love want only to walk in your light!
We will study and we will digest the love of Gods holy words!
Yes Lord I am a vessel and I ask that you fill this vessel!
Fill this vessel with more and more of your holy love!
Wash my sins away with your forgiving, loving grace!
Yes Jesus, show me the way to Gods arms above!
I am nothing with out you Lord so forgive me of my sins today!
Reach out and lead me on the right path to my heavenly home!
Happy birthday my preaches Jesus, Happy birthday to you!
I promise my Jesus from your love my spirit will never roam!!
Bishop Barbara J. Williams

As you celebrate the birthday of our Savior Jesus Christ
please remember that if it was not for Him you would not
be celebrating this day! And please never take out the
Christ in christmas. I love you each and every one!
Merry Christ Birthday!
Love, Jesus hugs smiles and prayers
Bishop Barbara J. Williams, 12-6-2006

Silent Night
From Laura's Midi Heaven