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~A Country Walk~
The peaceful feeling of a country walk
As we stroll hand in hand along the road
With colors of Autumn all around us
The leaves of orange, reds, browns, and gold

The sounds of nature softly we hear
As birds their song gleefully sings
The crickets and frogs and a rustle of leaves
Or the sound of butterfly wings

Every now and then along our walk
We see a glimpse of a graceful deer
Or a little rabbit scurrying along
Or a squirrel in a tree we hear

These walks through nature we love to take
With trees along the road on each side
Help us to clear our heads from rush of life
As we slow down from our day to day ride

Oh, the peaceful feeling of a country walk
As we stroll hand in hand along the road
With colors of Autumn all around us
The leaves of orange, reds, browns, and gold
© Copyright 2004 Ethel GG Kent


<~Somewhere Between~
Somewhere in the inbetween
Of awake and in our dreams
Is a place far, far away
Where are stars and bright moon beams

A place that is filled with wonder
Far away up in the sky
There is made known our fantasies
Where we ask not the reasons why

A land where dreams are reality
And the unknown we become to know
Where all the trials of the awake
Are made never, ever to flow

There is a milky way of stars
Upon which we can ride
To fly across the sky so high
As we are forever side by side

There is always joy and contentment there
Which we feel within our heart
Together in our castle of our minds
Where we never will again be apart
© Copyright 2005 Ethel GG Kent


~Dance Of Romance~

As you and I wondrously dance
This dance of glorious romance
I think of how blessed we are
To have this marvelous chance

To have found each other in space
Of this vast world where we abide
To love and to walk together
Through lifes journey side by side

We happened upon each other
Almost completely by circumstance
We knew we would share something special
When at each other we took first glance

The feelings we had from first look
Were felt from within inner core
Knowing somehow we would be together
That our friendship would become much more

Now that our hearts have bonded
As one we waltz to Loves dance
Gracefully through life we glide
Dancing the glorious dance of romance

© 2004 Ethel Kent


~As Poetry Is~

When looking at our lives
And the love we happily share
Of how we love completely
And for each other care

I think of how through the years
How the classic poets of old
Wrote the ageless miracle of Love
With such beautiful grace to behold

They told of great emotions
Shared between two lovers
Who gave their love and devotion
To each other like to no others

Of how for one another
They would give their lives to die
Knowing not how they would do this
Nor the reasons why

They wrote of how the two desired
Together to forever be
And to never a day in their lives
Without their dear Love to see

Of how whenever there was space between
And they must each be apart
The poets of old wrote
How it seemed to break their heart

These emotions the classics wrote of
Couples of today feel so true
We know because they are experienced
Every moment by me and you

© Copyright 2003 Ethel GG Kent


~Whisperings Of Hearts~

The sun was brightly
shining when I arose
on this cool, clear day
I love these days
of winter here....
so peacefully shining, the sun,
in such a loving way

It seems to wear a big smile
as if to say
come out and enjoy me
do you want to play

I wonder if you are enjoying
the beautiful sun
where you are this morn
I know you are somewhere out there
beneath the big skies
wishing to me your love could show

Wait, I hear the birds
singing way up high in the sky
Are they bringing a message
from you to me
Listening closely
I seem to hear so clearly
the words, "I love you"

Look, I think I see dark clouds
coming into view
I wonder if it will rain
I know as you look into the skies
in your heart you feel the same pain as I

Only a few more days, my love
then together you and I will be again
Enjoying each other
with the sun smiling at us
or rain softly falling

Regardless of what nature
in all its wisdom
may to us show Being together will be such joy
no matter what else occurs
in the elements around us
as we listen to the
~whisperings of our hearts~

© Copyright 2005 Ethel GG Kent


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