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~Whispers From The Heart~
As we write our heart to you, please handle it with care
With feelings coming out, sometimes so hard to bear
You may not understand, what we have to say
If you will but listen, we will talk to you today

At times we write of joy, when it is overflowing
Coming from inside, with our faces all glowing
There are the times, we feel our hearts will break
At times we pray, you show compassion for our sake

Sometimes past experiences, about we love to tell
Our memories in our hearts, the ones we love so well
Then are the times, we hear loves whisper in the night
Feeling inspiration from, the moon and stars we write

Most of us have found of, our Darlings to write, we love
Telling you of the one, God has sent from up above
Many loving experiences of, which we attempt to tell
When coming from our hearts, you feel the love as well

Some write with expertise, others just made a start
All poetry is enjoyed, when written from the heart
So when we read poetry, let us try to look inside
Seeing someone's heart, where deep feelings reside


© Copyright 2005 Ethel GG Kent


~In Friendship~

If you ever feel you are all alone
And a tear trickles down from your eye
Just remember you have many friends
Who are ever right there close by

You may not be able to see us
We are here in spirit from far and near
And in friendship we are all bonded
So when trouble comes, please don't fear

I believe God created friendships
For the times we feel so all alone and blue
He knew this road of life would bring trials
So God made closeness of friends real and true

Yes, a true friend will be close by
Listening for your call of need to hear
You will never have to carry burdens alone
For your friends are here to help the load to bear
© Copyright 2006 Ethel GG Kent


~Forever Love~

When asked if for certain
We have Forever Love
We say we know for real
It came from up above

The Keeper Of The Stars
Bonded our hearts together
Never again to part
To always hold forever

For our love we thank Him
As we look into the sky
It feels so good to us
Seems as if we can fly

Up into the air
Atop the highest mountain
In the clouds we feel
We're drinking from a fountain

A fountain flowing freely
As a moving river
Our love flows in our veins
And we know that it's Forever

© Copyright 2003 Ethel GG Kent


~My Mother......My Friend~

Mama, I realize more and more
as I walk down this life's trail
That without you always there
many times I would have failed

Always right by my side
you have ever been there
Giving to me encouragement
with ultimate love and care

I know I haven't always pleased you
in some things I endeavored to do
Even though you may not have approved
you never left my side, for that is not you

You have given me strength
guidance to carry on always
Even when I have been sad
you have brought laughter to my days

We laugh and talk, kid and joke
talking on the phone all through the day
One of the many traits I inherited from you
is that we can always find things to say

I am so very blessed to have you
as my Mother and my friend
Though I may not say it enough
my unending love to you I will always send

I Love You, Mama
From Your Daughter

© Copyright Ethel GG Kent


~A Written Passion~


Through my journey of this life
Upon the road of ever
I come upon various experiences
From things I do endeavor

Some are joyful, some are sad
When having to overcome trials
Through all of life I have a passion
Which helps me travel these miles

This passion of mine I speak of
Is my writing of poetry
Where I reveal my inner self
For whomever reads to see

Telling of the load of trial
With hurt and tribulation
Also of love and life joy
In its glorious jubilation

Though I may not be the best writer
As were classical poets of old
Still, my passion of poetry I love
As my inner thoughts of heart unfold

© Copyright Ethel GG Kent


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