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Hello, and welcome to my new website, Ethel's Creations. I hope you enjoy your stay here. I am learning HTML, so I have added some new things to this site and I'm not having to use the site builder. Yah! LOL

Most of my site is still of poetry, though. Poetry is very important to me. It helps me to let my inner feelings out. I have been writing poetry since my early teens. I love to write and read poetry. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it. Please come back to visit me often. I have written hundreds of poems and will be adding more here regularly

I live in the beautiful state of Florida. When I first purchased my digital camera, I took loads of pictures. So, I will also be adding more of those photographs here. I have some of them here.I have learned to do some PSP creations and have added some of those I have made also.

I also have one daughter who lives over a thousand miles away from me with her family! I hate that she lives so far away! We have had problems in our relationship because of other people, but are finally rebuilding it. The love and Mother-daughter bond couldn't be broken, no matter how hard he tried!! Tonia and I have some very long phone conversations and hope to have the money to visit each other real soon. She wants to move back to Florida and that would be so great!! Please pray for us that she and her family will be able to soon!! I would love to be able to just put my arms around her and wipe away all pain she has ever had to go through!!

Both my parents are still living. They live about an hours drive from me. Mom's one of my best friends. We talk on the phone every day, all during the day. I'm very blessed to still have both of them. They have been the best parents to me and my brother!! No-one could have any better, I don't think. They celebrated their 72nd wedding anniversary this year on March 23rd. I am very proud of my Mom and Dad.

And, I have a little four-legged baby named Scooter. He is my little doggy. I never knew I could get so attached to a pet. He is with me all the time. I have other furbabies...... three cats, 2 girls and a boy. My girls are named Sassy and Boots. My little boy is named KoKo.They are all so sweet. I'm very attached to them, too. They all believe they are real little human kids. :D)

Well, I hope all that about me didn't bore you. :D) If not and you are still reading, here is a list of a few of my favorites......

Some Favorite's To Do:
1. Being with my loved ones, my family and friends
2. Reading, writing (especially poetry)
3. Playing with my doggy Scooter, and my 3 little cats__Sassy, Boots, and KoKo
4. Photography
5. PSP creations
6. I used to love to fish......don't get to go much anymore, though.
7. I also like to bowl
8. Play cards (rummy, spades, hearts, Uno, etc.) and board games, (Triominoes, dominoes, Monopoly, Aggravation, etc.,) and to play computer games.....I have loads of them!! I guess I'm a big kid at heart!! LOLOL
9. I also absolutely LOVE the beach....especially walking in the sand close to the water on moonlit nights. I have written a lot of poetry about that scenario. Very romantic to me.

Favorite type Movies:
Detective and mystery, comedy, romance.... family type

Favorite Actors:
(some of them) Clint Eastwood, Paul Newman, Jack Nicolaus, Tom Hanks, Matthew McConahey

Favorite Actresses:
Mryle Streep, Sandra Bullock, Jessica Lange, Julia Roberts, Ashley Judd, Sally Fields

Favorite Songs:
Only Time by Enya, Summer Place by Percy Faith, Let's Make Love by Faith and Tim

Favorite Type Songs:
Soft Rock, Easy Listening, some new Country, Instrumentals, Country Gospel

Favorite Singers and Groups:
Rod Stewart, Enya, Faith Hill, Tim Mcgraw, Celine Dion, Diamond Rio, Sting, Percy Faith, Neil Diamond, Michael Bolton

Favorite Type Books:
the Bible, detective, mystery, romantic novels, poetry,

Favorite Cable TV Channels:
Lifetime and Lifetime Movie Network

Favorite TV Shows:
Some of CSI, Cold Case, Without a Trace, Cops, Law And Order, Everybody Loves Raymond, some of the reality shows (Wife Swap and American Idol), Dr. Phil, General Hospital, Judge Mathis, People's Court

Favorite Flowers:
Roses, Tiger Lillies, Wisterias, and Gardenias

Things I Collect:
Angels, music boxes, music water globes, dolls, bells

Favorite Fragrances:
Vanilla Fantasy...candles, cologne, everything vanilla! LOL I also like Red

Thanks again and I do hope you enjoyed your visit. Please don't forget to sign my guestbook so that I will know you've been here.






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