Some Of My Favorites

Hello. In case you want to know a little about me, here is a list of a few of my favorites......

Some Favorite's To Do: Being with my Honey-Love and with my family and friends......reading, writing (especially poetry), my doggy Scooter, my 2 little kitties__Sassy and Boots, photography, PSP creations, I used to love to fish......don't get to go much anymore, though. I also like to bowl, play cards (rummy, spades, hearts, Uno, etc.) and board games, (Triominoes, dominoes, Monopoly, Aggravation, etc.,) and to play computer games.....I have loads of them!! I guess I'm a big kid at heart!! LOLOL I also absolutely LOVE the beach....especially walking in the sand close to the water on moonlit nights. I have written a lot of poetry about that scenario. Very romantic to me and my Gary.

Favorite type Movies: detective and mystery, comedy, type

Favorite Actors: (some of them) Clint Eastwood, Paul Newman, Jack Nicolaus

Favorite Actresses: Mryle Streep, Sandra Bullock, Jessica Lange, Julia Roberts, Ashley Judd

Favorite Songs: Only Time by Enya, Summer Place by Percy Faith, Let's Make Love by Faith and Tim

Favorite Type Songs: Soft Rock, Easy Listening, some new Country, Instrumentals, Country Gospel

Favorite Singers and Groups: Rod Stewart, Enya, Faith Hill, Tim Mcgraw, Celine Dion, Diamond Rio, Sting, Percy Faith, Neil Diamond, Michael Bolton

Favorite Type Books: detective mystery, romantic novels, poetry, the Bible,

Favorite Authors: (some of them) Nora Roberts, Danielle Steele, Ann Rule, Sidney Sheldon
Favorite Cable TV Channels: Lifetime and Lifetime Movie Network

Favorite TV Shows: CSI, Cold Case, Without a Trace, Cops, Everybody Loves Raymond, some of the reality shows (Wife Swap and American Idol), Law and Order

Favorite Flowers: Roses and Gardenias

Things I Collect: Angels, music boxes, music water globes, dolls

Favorite Fragrances: Vanilla...candles, cologne, everything vanilla! LOL

Thanks again and I do hope you enjoy your visit. Please don't forget to sign my guestbook so that I will know you've been here.


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