Hello and welcome to this section of my website. This is my section where I'm showing you some of my work I'm learning at Web Tech University. This is a wonderful place to learn. The principal, Denis, is very nice and so are the instructors. This is the link, if you would like to go check it out for yourself. Web Tech University I don't think you will be disappointed at all.

As you will see, I took HTML 101 first. I then started the HTML 201 courses. These are divided up into three different courses. They are HTML 201 Tables, HTML 201 Forms, and HTML 201 Frames. I have taken all the courses in Web Design, except for HTML 301, which is CSS.

They also teach the Graphic Design classes, which consists of PSP 7, 8, 9, and X. They offer you Beginners 101 and Intermediate 201 classes. I haven't taken any of them, since I just completed my Frames class today. The next class there starts on September 1, 2006, so I might decide to enroll in a class by then. LOL

As you can see, I'm enjoying learning all this. Since I started using the internet about two or three years ago, I have wanted to create my own web pages. I have almost gotten there. This is the results of my efforts. Ethel's Creations. I did all of it except for the main webset. I believe I can do that, but am not too comfortable in making my own websets yet. I did make these backgrounds on this page and put it together. I think that will be my next project.....to practice making webset so I can get better at it. The set I used part of, is linkware. I will replace it with my own after I make some I am satisfied with. LOL. I want to learn to make the 3-layer design. I learned part of it in the Tables class, so I'm on my way! YAY!! I really love this. Can you tell? LOL

Well, I will close for now. I guess you can tell I'm a writer, too, since I almost wrote a book when I was only going to tell you what this section is about. LOL I have lots of poetry on my new site and my old one here, also. Ethel's Love Poetry I will be adding more poems as I have the time. I love writing poetry and have written a few short stories.

This is where my HTML jouney really started, even though I knew a little HTML. I had been wanting to make websets since the first time I got on the internet. I surfed around and saw some of the most beautiful sets. To begin with, I didn't know if I could do it. Then I decided I could if I wanted to bad enough. So, I decided to learn what I thought would be the first step, which was FTP.

This is my diploma where I finished the FTP course at Keyboard-Friends HTML College. I was so proud to receive this. Kathy really helped me a lot. I sure do appreciate it, too. THANK YOU, KATHY!! YAY!!!

Now, on to my homework pages. Links are in the table below my diplomas.

My Diplomas From Web Tech U

~Web Tech U~ ~HTML 101 Homework~
~HTML 201 Tables~ ~Tables Lesson 2~
~Tables Lesson 3~ ~Tables Lesson 4~
~Tables Lesson 5~ ~Tables Lesson 5_2~
~HTML 201 Forms~ ~HTML Forms 201_2~
~HTML 201 Frames~ ~Frames Intro Page
~Frames Menu Page ~Exam Intro Page~
~Exam Menu Page~ ~Frames Exam Page~

To Ethel's Creations Intro

~Poetry Page 1~
~Poetry Page 2~
~Poetry Page 3~
~Poetry Page 4~
~Poetry Page 5~
~Poetry Page 6~

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